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2 Examples of Doing Business As/Fictitious Business Names for ImmigrantsStarting a business in your

Starting a business in your name can be disadvantageous to you if you are an immigrant. That's why having a DBA or Fictitious Business name can be an ESSENTIAL tool for your business.

What is a DBA? DBA means "doing business as." A DBA is a permission from the state/County to operate your business under a different name. A DBA is sometimes called a trade name, fictitious name, or assumed name. It can cost anywhere from $10-$100 a year, depending on the state or County your business is in. However, a DBA isn’t required to form or run a business. You can start your business with or without a DBA.

Examples Sole Proprietorships and general partnerships would need a DBA/FBN if they would like to conduct business under a different name.

  • For example: If I am a sole proprietor doing business with my name Juan Maya, but I want to do it under the DBA “Maya Business Services,” I would need to file a DBA

Corporations & LLCs may register DBA for different lines of their business.

  • If Teresa has an LLC called Teresa’s Food Service LLC but wants to do different lines of business, such as “Teresa’s Catering” or “Teresa’s Brazilian Restaurant,” she would need a DBA for every new line she adds to her business

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