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3 Ways to get Unlimited Business Ideas as an Immigrant without DACA

One of the ways to make a living as an immigrant is to start your own business. If you haven't decided on what you want to do, check out these 3 tips that can help you come up with the perfect business idea.

1. Find problems to solve List the problems in your personal life and build a service to solve this problem of yours. It is important to talk with potential customers to see if they have the same problem. This validated your idea.

2. Use a Business Idea Generator To make things easier; you can find an idea generator online and see if any ideas piqued your interest. Check out these two sites as a reference:



3. Look at Main Street Businesses. Take a look at brick-and-mortar stores to get ideas of what type of businesses you'd like to start. There is no rule that says that a business idea has to be something never seen before.

References:,, Immigrant Business Report by the AS/COA-Fiscal Policy Institute report shows how immigrant entrepreneurs affect growth in U.S. cities.

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