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5 Strategies for Immigrant Business Owners to Drive Unlimited Traffic to Their Website

Getting website traffic is extremely difficult, but with the right strategies it can become more manageable. The great thing about these strategies is that you don't have to be an expert to implement them:


Note: Most of these strategies might work well alone, but I encourage you to implement them together for the best results!

Strategy #1: Tell your audience what you sell on your Instagram bio

Below we highlight two great instagram accounts that do an incredible job at telling their followers what they sell.

Maribel (@ourwealthmatters) makes it clear that she helps immigrants invest!

Brayan ( makes it clear that he creates art that uplifts marginalized voices.

Why it works: Most people that follow you already support you. Telling them what you sell can communicate to them about your products and services.

Strategy #2: Use the link feature on instagram stories to drive traffic to your website

Using the link feature on instagram is one of the strategies that we use to get traffic from instagram.

Why it works: It is easy to implement and people that regularly see your story might be interested in learning more.

Strategy #3: Cross post with other companies/organizations

What is cross posting? Cross posting is the term I use to describe a post that shows up on two instagram accounts as opposed to one.

Above is an example that we did with (@undocu.mentalhealth) for an instagram live event last year. Why it works: Posting on one account is great, but it has its limitations. If you do a cross post with another instagram account, you double your reach, you get new followers, and you build trust with your audience.

Strategy #4: Add a call to action on your Instagram bio

Below you can find a screenshot of the call to action on our instagram bio.

A few examples of great call to actions you can use:

  • "🛍️ Shop now and receive 10% off your first purchase! 🎉"

  • "💰 Join our VIP list for exclusive deals and updates. 🔥"

  • "💆‍♀️ Book your appointment today and experience the difference. 💆‍♂️"

  • "📷 Follow us for daily inspiration and tips! 💡"

  • "📧 Sign up for our newsletter to never miss a sale. 📈"

Feel free to use any of the ones above or create your own. Why this works: A call to action is like a waiter offering a dessert menu - it's inviting and encourages an action that enhances the experience. In your Instagram bio, it guides followers to take the next step with your business, such as signing up for a newsletter, making a purchase, or scheduling an appointment.

Strategy #5: Add a call to action on your Instagram posts and stories

As you can see in our example, at the end of this carousel post we include 5 calls to actions

  1. Like the post

  2. Comment if they have feedback

  3. Share with a friend

  4. Save the post

  5. Visit our website

Bonus Strategy #6: Combine all of these strategies

One strategy can only get you so far! By putting them together to each of your posts, you will be able to gain more followers, and drive more traffic to your website.

If you found this helpful, share this with a friend, leave a comment down below, and check out our resources. Questions? Email us


You can't sell online if your customers do not know about you, let us help!

You can't sell online if you do not have the right digital tools, let us help!

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