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7 Steps To Start A Sole Proprietorship As an Immigrant with a SSN/ITIN

If you are citizen in the US, it's much easier to find all the resources needed to start a business, unfortunately for non citizens that is not the case. You have have other concerns such as a identity security, and sometimes you don't even know the steps. We did the research so you don't have to!

1. Get an ITIN or SSN

  • If you have SSN you don't need an ITIN

  • If you don't have an SSN you should get an ITIN

2. Get a Fictitious Business Name/ Doing Business as

  • Benefits: Protects your identity, make you seem more of an official business

3. Get a virtual business address

  • Benefits: Protects your identity and personal home address if working from home.

4. Get your permits and licenses

5. Get an EIN

  • This acts like a SSN for your business

  • Benefits: Hire employees in the future, open bank account, secure your identity

  • Can get one with an ITIN and SSN

6. Open a bank account with your EIN

7. Get a business phone number with Google

  • Benefits: Helps keep business and personal phone number separate

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