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Answering Your Questions about SEED 2.0 with the Caravanserai Project

What is SEED 2.0?

Seed stands for Social entrepreneurs for economic development. It's an initiative funded by the California Employment training panel to support the entrepreneurship of immigrants and limited English proficiency entrepreneurs. It incorporates business training coupled with micro-grant funding.

Is the program free?

The program is completely free, and the grant is money given to your business that you do not have to pay back. The only requirement is that you have to give your time and effort.

Do you have to be an immigrant and have limited proficiency to apply?

Yes, those are two very important requirements and what we mean by an immigrant is basically anyone that is not a citizen, permanent resident, TPS, or DACA.

Is the program offered in any other language?

The current program is only offered in Spanish.

Can you clarify what it means to be eligible for up to $7,500?

As long as you complete all the program requirements and submit the additional documentation at the end of the program, you can qualify for the $7,500 in its totality.

What can use the money for?

The money is meant for your business, and we will as for receipts. There’s a short list of what is not misused, but basically, as long as the money is used for your business, it will be alright.

When does it open?

The second application cycle is open on December 1st and the deadline to be part of the earliest group is January 2, 2023. However, there are a total of 5 groups accepted on a rolling base.

How long is the program?

The classes will be on Tuesday and Thursday from 6pm to 8pm. Apart from that, we also have to mentoring, and showcase sessions will be on either Monday, Wednesday, or Friday in the afternoon, depending on the schedule. It's 9 classes, 1 mentoring session, and 1 showcase session. The classes are mandatory.

Do you have to have an EIN?

The business and entrepreneurs in the program are very diverse. You do need an EIN to apply, but we will ask for it later and help you apply for it.

Ready to apply? Check out the Caravanserai Project web page!

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