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How to get $7,500 for your Business TODAY!

When we talk about getting funding for your business, Loans are primarily the number one thing people talk about..

BUT, what if I told you that there is another way?

It's called a BUSINESS GRANT, unlike a loan that you have to pay back, you don't need to pay GRANTS back.

In fact, our business (PREPARE) funding to get started today has been through GRANTS! Now I want to tell you about a grant and business program that you can apply for starting Dec 1st.

It's called SEED 2.0 by the Caravanserai Project. The SEED Initiative provides entrepreneurial training, technical assistance to immigrants, and limited english speaking entrepreneurs that qualify. They also provide micro-grants of up to $7,500 to support them in starting or maintaining a small business in California aimed at addressing a social problem or meeting a community need.

Why apply? It's free, it's of high value, and you get funded! You can find more information here.

Need help with your application? We can help! We provide the marketing workshop in the program, and we are currently part of the program.

Was this helpful? Let us know by upvoting this blog post, sharing with a friend or leaving a comment down below ⬇️ Need help starting your business? If you need help with the application, we provide free business help! All you have to do is fill out this short application to get our support. It only takes 26 seconds. (Trust us, we timed it).

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