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I Can't Believe I Sold it for this much... with Bo from Illegal Drip | Immigrant Entrepreneurs

Creating a national brand is not easy, especially one that resounds in the hearts of many people in the US. However, it is possible. Bo is the creator of the Illegal Drip, a brand that sells various articles of clothing, stickers, and art with a meaningful message. Through his art, storytelling, and creative ventures, Bo has inspired and kick-started a business doing what he loves as an immigrant from Thailand. Bo’s personal experiences, along with that of other immigrants, are among the many things that make his products unique. For example, one of his most popular and earlier shirt designs says, Existential Crisis.

In an interview with PREPARE, Bo commented, “I ended up printing these clothes that said Existential Crisis because my existence is their crisis.” Powerful words like these are just some of the reasons why the brand Illegal drip a massive following within the Immigrant community. Despite all his hard work and passion, starting a business is not easy. Bo relied heavily on the community that loved his work and, through trial and error, learned the best practices that worked for him and his business style.

Bo stated that initially, he would sell items below market prices to reach more individuals. However, he soon realized that these practices weren't sustainable in the long run. His advice for any entrepreneur that is starting off is to take everything into account rather than just looking at the numbers.

Researching market prices, labor costs, production costs, and all other factors will allow businesses to build a solid foundation for their business. If you’d like to support Bo, follow his Instagram @illegal_drip, and watch the full story on our YouTube channel. Need help starting your business? Join our community for free business help! All you have to do is fill out this simple application, it only takes 26 seconds.

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