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The PREPARE Marketing Tree

In the last blog, I talked about creating a buyer persona as part of your marketing strategy.

In this one, I wanted to show you this tree. I call it the 'PREPARE' Marketing Tree.

I was researching online for a Marketing Tree, but none seemed to combine both offline and online marketing channels. This tree on the left is originally the Internet Marketing Tree by

I decided to add the offline marketing channels. Many have used these without knowing it.

Most businesses I've come accross do online marketing only, offline marketing only, and I rarely see them doing both.

The intent here is to do both overtime.

An overview of the Tree:

Roots of the Tree

  • Research: Situation, Competition, Audience. Who are you selling to? What are they struggling with? Who is your competition?

  • Strategy: Engage, Convert, Attract, Multiply. Once you understand your audience, what is your strategy to engage, convert, or grow your number of customers?

  • Branding: Clear, Focused, Compelling, Brand Message. What do you want people to think of when they hear about your business?

  • Content: Organized, Relevant, Benefit Driven. How do you structure your content to benefit your audience?

  • Development & Design.

The Tree Trunk

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