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Want to sell your physical products online but don't know how? Let us help! 
Online Store Set up Service
Price: $0 to start, only pay when you are satisfied! 

Here are a list of tools we will set up for you:

  1. E-commerce app/website: 

    • ​A popular e-commerce app that allows you to list your products online.  

  2. Set up product photos: 

    We will guide you on the product photos including it's best practices. 

    • We will guide you on the product photos including it's best practices. 

    • If you'd like us to take the photos, we can include it to this package for $399

  3. Write product descriptions: 

    • ​Write clear and detailed descriptions of your product, including its features, benefits, and specifications.

  4. Set up payment options

    • ​We will set up a payment option like PayPal or Stripe to process payments securely and easily.

  5. Set up shipping options:

    • ​We will help you decide how you will ship your product and set up shipping options and rates for customers.

Call us (213) 816-6136. Monday - Saturday 9 am - 7 pm. Located in Los Angeles, California.

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Our Experience

Juan Maya Hernandez is a successful entrepreneur with a Bachelor's degree from UCLA (2022) and a certificate in Social entrepreneurship at UCRiverside Extension. Despite facing numerous challenges as an undocumented immigrant/DACA, including epilepsy and a move to the United States at a young age, Juan has excelled in his studies and career, starting his first business at 19 and scaling it to generate $8,000 in profits to fund his studies at UCLA. He has also participated in numerous accelerator programs and has over 4 million TikTok views and 200,000 Youtube views. With his extensive education and experience, Juan is well-equipped to help you achieve your sales goals by selling online. 

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